Step 1. Equipment Start Up

A healthy pool depends on proper chemical treatment of the water and equipment that is in good working order.

If you drained water to winterize your pool, the first step is to refill the pool to a level that allows your skimmer to easily pull water for re-circulation.

Next, you need to clean your filter, using ProTeam Filter Magic according to the label directions for your type of filter. A clean filter is important to properly treat your water and keep it sparkling, clear and beautiful.

Once the filter is cleaned and re-installed, turn on circulation equipment (pump and filter) following manufacturer’s directions. L&J recommends running your pump and filter at least 12 hours a day, more if the pool is in use or after heavy rains.

Step 2. Testing and Balancing the Water

Proper water balance is critical to operating your pool. Water that is not properly balanced makes chemical treatments less effective and can damage the pool and its equipment.

After the water in your pool has cycled through at least one full circulation, take a water sample using the ProTeam Water Sample Bottle or any clean, resealable container. Take the sample at a depth of about 18 inches, or elbow depth, away from the return outlets. Seal the container and bring the water sample to L & J for free water analysis with our computerized optical testing system. The goal of testing and analyzing water is to get the information needed to properly balance the water chemically. See the chart below for ideal ranges of proper water balance:

Using our Speed Lab we can tell exactly what is needed to prepare your pool water for the season. We’ll help you select the right products in the right quantities for your pool’s specific needs.

Ideal Ranges

7.4 – 7.6

Total Alkalinity
Gunite Pools 100 -150 ppm
Vinyl or Other 125 – 175 ppm

Calcium Hardness
Gunite Pools 200 – 275 ppm
Vinyl or Other 180 – 250 ppm

0 ppm

50 ppm

UV Shield (Cyanuric Acid)
30-100 ppm

1-3 ppm

Step 3. Water Balance Factors

L&J has all your water balance needs covered.

PH is the most important factor in water balance. The pH is a measurement of the relative acid or base of the water. If water falls out of balance on the low side, it becomes corrosive, attacking pool surfaces and equipment. If it should rise out of balance on the high side, scale build-up can occur, leaving unsightly deposits. Readings between 7.4 and 7.6 are considered acceptable for swimming pool water. Test the pH at least twice a week during the summer season. Daily testing is recommended.

Total Alkalinity (TA)
Total Alkalinity is a measure of the alkaline materials dissolved in the water, which helps keep the pH at the proper level. The waters ability to resist pH changes depends on the amount of this alkaline material in the water. The recommended Total Alkalinity range for gunite pools is 100-150 ppm and vinyl pools 125-175 ppm. If the Total Alkalinity is low, the result is pH will bounce in and out of range. If Total Alkalinity is too high, it becomes very difficult to adjust the pH as needed. Testing the Total Alkalinity is recommended about once a week.

Calcium Hardness (CH)
Calcium Hardness refers to the amount of dissolved minerals in the water. Proper Calcium Hardness levels for gunite pools range between 200-275 ppm and 180-250 ppm for vinyl pools. A low Calcium Hardness can lead to corrosion of equipment or etching of a plaster finish. Calcium Hardness too high causes cloudy water and scaling. Test Calcium Hardness levels at least twice a month during the summer season.

Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid – CYA)
Sunlight causes the amount of chlorine in your pool water to decrease. Stabilizers (Cyanuric Acid) protect the chlorine from the sun’s rays increasing the life efficiency of the chlorine. Proper Cyanuric Acid levels range between 30-100 ppm. Monthly testing is recommended.

Step 4. The Critical Difference: Enhancing Your Pool’s Performance

This is where ProTeam chemicals differs from other pool treatment systems. Their “unique formula” is ProTeam Supreme, a product that makes caring for your pool time and money-saving and refreshingly simple.

Supreme is a product that makes your pool water sparkling blue and easy on the skin and eyes, while helping to prevent algae growth. It also makes regular maintenance and sanitization simpler and less expensive.

Supreme is a patented product that solves problems before they start with an easy, once-a-season treatment. The only way that Supreme is lost from your pool water is through filter backwash, splash out, or a leak, so there is no need to add extra product except in these cases.

When starting your pool, the goal is to achieve a Supreme level of 50 ppm. This level can be easily determined using ProTeam Supreme Test Strips.
Follow label directions to determine the amount of product needed to achieve the proper level of Supreme.

To help maintain desired ProTeam Supreme levels, simply use formulated pH neutral ProTeam Weekly Treat. Once you have done this, you’re on your way to a pool that will be much easier to maintain than those on standard chemical treatment systems. Besides, you will save time, save money and be able to relax and enjoy your pool more!

Step 5. Sanitizing Your Pool

If not properly sanitized, bacteria, algae, and organic wastes can build up in pool water, making it become cloudy and uncomfortable with an unpleasant odor. Besides, water that isn’t sanitized is, well . . . unsanitary.

Chlorinating and Brominating compounds have been effectively used for decades to ensure the safety and comfort of pool water. That’s why L&J offers many options for regular chlorination or bromination.

There are several ways to add these products to your pool water. Follow manufacturer’s directions for operating any automatic feeding equipment you may have and follow the chemicals label directions for applying sanitizers. We can help you decide which sanitizer method is best for you.

Options for Chlorinating Your Pool
ProTeam High Tech Tabs – These special 1-inch and 3-inch tabs are an enhanced blend of chlorinating compound and ProTeam Supreme. They provide both chlorine residual and a constant addition of Supreme to help keep proper levels in the case of heavy use or “splash out” from the pool.

ProTeam Pure Tabs and Pure Stix – These are highly effective at providing regular chlorination to your pool water, containing a UV Shield in its blend to protect the chlorine from loss to the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Its 90% available chlorine makes sanitation of your pool simple.

Omega Salt – This is a basic granular chlorinating product which is added periodically directly to the pool water by adding amount needed by weekly tests directly to the deep end. It quickly dissolves and is safe for all pool surfaces. The salt is then converted into chlorine via your current salt cell. It is recommended to clean the salt cell yearly and calibration will need to be done as needed. We can test your salt levels right in our show room or we have test strips strictly for salt levels.

Bromination Options
ProTeam Brominating Tabs – These 1-inch tabs are an easy and effective way to sanitize your water with active Bromine. Bromine is an effecitve sanitizer, but should be used in indoor applications.

Choosing a Sanitizer
Any of these sanitizing products offered by L&J will effectively treat your pool, but you should consult with us to determine exactly which product best meets your needs.

Step 6. Stop Algae Before It Starts

Algae are a common problem for pool owners. These microscopic plants come into your pool from rain, wind, or even from the skin and hair of swimmers. What starts as a virtually invisible invader can turn your pool into a slimy green mess overnight, or leave unsightly black, brown or yellow patches on pool surfaces.

Luckily, there are ways to head off algae outbreaks. We recommend the regular use of an algaecide to ensure against algae. As listed below, we offer a variety of algae treatments. Check with us for the product that is right for you and follow label directions for start-up and maintenance treatments.

ProTeam Prevent – As the name suggests, this excellent algaecide provides an effective defense against algae growth. It is a broad-spectrum algaecide and is non-staining and will not affect the balance of your pool water.

ProTeam Polyquat 60 – This highly concentrated algaecide also provides an effective defense against algae growth. It is non-foaming and non-staining.

Mustard & Black Magic – This powerful Bromide does not contain ammonia and effectively removes all forms of algae. It is a particularly powerful Mustard & Black algae killer.

ProTeam Superfloc Clarifier – This Product binds microscopic particles in your pool water together so that they are large enough to be removed by the filter and backwashed or cleaned out of your pool. Microfloc clarifier does not know the difference between dirt and algae and is not affected by shock treatments. It prohibits algae occurrence by physically removing algae spores. Follow label directions for start-up.

Step 7. Making Water Crystal Clear

Over time, all pool water collects various contaminants such a body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotion and other swimmer wastes, as well as pollen and tiny particles of various types that are too small to be filtered out. Build-up of these contaminants can make your water cloudy and unpleasant, as well as interfere with your ability to sanitize and prevent algae.

L&J offers a variety of products to remove these contaminants and leave your water sparkling clear and comfortable.

Shock Treatments
These products oxidize away many of the contaminants that get into your pool. When opening your pool, you should add a shock treatment after balancing the water, following the proper label directions. Shocking is also recommended after a heavy rain or heavy use of the pool. To prevent problems and keep your water clean and clear, shock at least once a week. Always carefully follow label directions.

Here are some of the shock options offered by L&J:

ProTeam Power Magic Superoxidizer – This is our premiere and patented shock treatment and is recommended for its ability to clear the water of many of the contaminants that build up in your pool water while adding a maintenance dose of ProTeam Supreme to aid in preventing problems.

ProTeam Shock & Swim – For a quick solution, this chlorine free shock effectively oxidizes wastes with the added benefit of allowing swimmers to resume enjoying the pool just 15 minutes after the treatment is added. It is safe for all pool surfaces and won’t bleach pool liners.

ProTeam Quick Shock – This is the basic, traditional shock for use in swimming pools. It is highly effective at oxidizing wastes that build up in pool water. Other Clarifying Treatments

Proteam Power73 – This is a powerful chlorinating shock containing 73% Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo) and 70% Available Chlorine which equates to 100% Awesome

Omega Super Shock – This shock is a powerful liquid great for all types of pools and quickly acts to solve the problem.

Step 8. Solving Problems

Troubleshooters – The complete line of ProTeam troubleshooters will ensure any problems that may arise will be easily and economically solved.

ProTeam System Support – This is a special treatment for clearing up severe fouling problems, including white water mold and pink fungi slime. This product is just pure awesome, after applying the product to your pool it lifts all organics to the surface for you to easily scoop them out.

ProTeam Metal Magic – Effectively removes metals from pool water by crystallizing the particles for removal through the filtration. Will also remove unsightly metal stains and scale from pool surfaces. Helps to lower Calcium hardness levels.

ProTeam Dry Clarifier – A specially formulated sand filter concentrate that increases filter efficiency by penetrating the sand with a highly effective polymer formula.

ProTeam Superfloc Clarifier – This highly concentrated clarifier drops cloud causing particles that have formed in the swimming pool water and are too small to be trapped in the filter to the bottom to be vacuumed to waste.

ProTeam Tile & Vinyl Cleaner – Is a professional strength cleaner for removing oily film, scale and soiling from tile and vinyl surfaces while leaving a microscopic protective layer.

See us for our variety of special products for troubleshooting any problems that may arise during the season.

Step 9. The Final Step: Enjoyment!

Those are the basic steps for starting and maintaining your pool, so now it’s time to enjoy!

We suggest that you test the water weekly with simple-to-use 7-way Test Strips to check for proper chemical levels. Also, bring a water sample to us every 1-2 weeks for an in-depth analysis by our Speed Lab. Contact us for advice on regular maintenance during the swimming season.

The L&J promise is to bring you “refreshingly simple pool care.” By following our advice, you will spend more time enjoying your pool and less time working on it.

So what are you waiting for? Go enjoy your beautiful pool with family and friends.